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Frequently Asked Questions

We realize you may have some questions about our Medal Dash events. In order to save you time, we have put replies below to the most frequently asked questions we receive to help you along your journey.

If you still have a question or an issue, please email us at:

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How can I contact Medal Dash?

Email us at and we’ll respond to your message within 24-hours. Remember to include your registration name and order number so we can assist you quickly.


What is a Medal Dash virtual run/walk?

Established in 2019, a medal dash virtual run/walk is a type of running event that can be completed from any location, at any time, using a smartphone app or fitness tracker to record and submit your results. Participants in a medal dash virtual run register for the event, receive a medal or other type of finisher's swag in the mail, and then complete the designated distance on their own time, often within a specified date range. These virtual runs provide a flexible, accessible way for people to participate in running events and challenge themselves to meet their fitness goals, regardless of location or schedule. The sense of community and accomplishment is often shared through our social media and online platforms, connecting runners from all around the world. All events also specifically benefit an awesome cause, and our ‘Giving Back’ section in the website menu highlights some of those partnerships.


Where do I do my virtual run or walk?

Medal Dash is all about convenience and creating your fitness event at home. This means you have the flexibility to do your run or walk anywhere at anytime. The virtual nature of your event allows you to choose your route, when you complete and if you have company or just do it solo. Participate around your neighborhood, your favorite trail/park, or even on a treadmill. Total flexibility, it's up to you!

How do I post my run/walk results?

There are a few ways to post your results. You can choose one or all three of the options below:


Our Facebook Group (Click Here) is the most popular option, with an active virtual cheering section of 50,000+ followers! Join the group by clicking here and share your unique experience, results, and pictures. Remember to use #medaldash & #virtualrun on all your posts!


You can post your results/experiences to Instagram by tagging @MedalDash/ #medaldash and #virtualrun


And lastly, if you want to see how you rank compared to other participants in the event and avoid the social media posting, click hereto post your results right here at the!

See how you rank compared to other participants in the event.

Do I need to submit my results to receive my package?

No, we ship race packets according to the details listed on each respective event/product page as to when they’ll ship.  Since you purchased the packet, we have to ship them regardless of your posting results, which is why we do this.  You can complete your event with or without your race packet (your choice), and celebrate the completion of your event once you’ve finished!

Do I need a particular timing app/device?

Any device/app is acceptable as long as it tracks your 5K/10K/13.1 run or walk. Garmin, Fitbit, MapMyRun, Apple devices and Strava are the most common ways our participants track their time. If your app/device stops working during your run you can estimate your time when posting results. If you do not have a device we'd still love to see pictures of you and your swag after completing your virtual event!

CAN I SPLIT MY RUN/WALK across multiple days?

Yes! You can complete your 5K, 10K or 13.1 distance in increments across multiple days and post your cumulative result. However, please only enter one result whether you post on Facebook or through our website. 

How do I complete my virtual run across multiple days?

To complete your virtual run across multiple days, track your distance using any device or app of your choice, such as a GPS watch, smartphone app, or fitness tracker. Then, submit all of your cumulative results at once, up to the selected distance for the virtual run, using one of the three methods provided on the platform. This way, you can complete your virtual run at your own pace and break it up into multiple sessions as needed.

Do I have to run the event or can I walk/bike/swim/etc.? 

Absolutely! Many of our participants choose to walk or do their event as part of a steps challenge.  Also, we have participants that occasionally bike or swim.  Any exercise is compatible with our events, and many conversion charts are available via Google search online if you’d like to know how to convert the distance you’re doing with the activity you choose.  Your race, your pace!

Check out our exercise conversion chart below to figure out your amount of activity equal to one mile:

Medal Dash conversion chart

How long do I have to finish an event?

All Medal Dash events have a specific time period listed on the event pages in which most participants will most likely complete the event, whether it’s a holiday-themed event or tied to a specific season during the year. Some events are year-long. While most participants will post during this listed event timeframe, all results can be posted at any time after you sign up.  We understand scheduling conflicts and injuries happen sometimes and you can’t get within that specific timeframe, so we give you full flexibility year round to complete your events and post results either on social media or on our website.

Is there a deadline to register for a Medal Dash event?

Typically, our events sell out so that’s the true deadline! However, we do rotate some of our prior events over to the swag store for you to enjoy year-round if we have inventory remaining after the conclusion of an event period.

Can I complete another run event and count it as completing a Medal Dash event?

Absolutely! Your race, your pace.

Can I change my distance?

Yes you can! No need for it to be changed in the system, just go ahead and run/walk whatever distance you'd like. So go ahead, do a 10K instead of a 5K or a 13.1 half marathon instead of a 10K. Just be safe! 

Do I need to complete all the event distances listed on the race swag/event page?

No!  You only complete one of the shown distances that works best for you.  Or, do them all for brownie points!

Are there different medals and shirts for the different distances?

No! Whether you walk a 5K or set a world record in your 13.1 half marathon, each person receives the same medal and optional shirt. Also, be sure to check out the Swag Store for apparel and other unique items. 

Is there an age limit for participating in virtual runs?

Nope! That’s the beauty of virtual run events, it’s a great fit for everyone of all ages, fitness backgrounds, friends and family!

Do your virtual runs offer finisher's certificates?

Yes! Once you’ve completed your event, print and write your results on your very own event finisher certificate as a fun keepsake: CLICK HERE


Can I change my shipping address or other personal info?

We can only change your shipping address if your item hasn’t shipped yet. If you feel you have entered an incorrect address please email us ASAP at:

Can I switch my shirt size?

We can only change your shirt size if your packet hasn’t shipped yet. If you would like to change your shirt size please email us ASAP at:

Can I switch my registration option from medal only to a medal and shirt?

Yes, please email us at: ASAP. For upgrades, we will invoice you the difference between the two prices and will ship upon receipt of payment. 


What are your domestic (U.S.) shipping rates at checkout?

We offer $4.99-6.99 flat rate shipping depending on the size of your order to the United States & APO. 

Free Shipping for ALL U.S. & APO Orders over $99!

My package hasn't arrived. Where is it?

Packets typically ship 1-2 weeks after you’ve registered, unless you have pre-ordered which will be noted in the event description. You will also receive an email with USPS tracking information when your package has shipped. IMPORTANT NOTE: All events ship separately regardless of whether they’ve been ordered at the same time. If you ordered 3 packets at the same time, they will show up in three separate envelopes. If they are different events they may show up spread across a period of time.

Please look out for that email for up to the minute tracking. If it has been longer than 5 weeks since your registration and you haven’t received an email, please contact us at

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those with multiple registrations, all packages are sent separately in bubble mailers and may not arrive on the same day!!

Why did I only receive one package when I have multiple entries in my household/residence?

All packages are sent separately in bubble mailers and may not arrive on the same day!! Don’t worry this is normal and your packet is on the way! Also, if you have registered for multiple events at the same time, the arrival of each may be completely different. If a friend or family member registered after you did, in some cases they may receive their packet before you do. This is normal, but don’t worry, yours is likely on its way!

My package says it’s arrived. Where is it?

Packets ship according to the timeline shown on each respective registration/product page.  Please refer to this first if you’re awaiting a package to see the shipping timeline, before reaching out to us.  This information is also listed in your order confirmation email. Many of our events ship within a week, while some others are pre-orders for a seasonal/holiday event in many cases. You will also receive an email with USPS tracking information when your package has shipped, please give this tracking number 48-hours to update and follow the tracking for up to date USPS details pertaining to your package delivery.

My shirt doesn't fit, can I exchange it for a different size?

Unfortunately, we cannot do this because we order an exact quantity of shirts for each event based on everyone's individual order. We offer a very detailed sizing chart, so please review this prior to selecting your shirt size for accuracy! At times we do have additional excess inventory available for sale. Please email us if you’d like to purchase an additional shirt in a different size.


Although this is rare, human errors do happen once in a while (yes, we are human shippers!). Please email us the name you registered under, event you’re participating in and what item is specifically missing/damaged and we will send it to you again in the mail.

In the event that your order arrives damaged in any way, please email us as soon as possible at with your order number and a photo of the item’s condition. We address these on a case-by-case basis but will try our best to work towards a satisfactory solution to ensure you receive a high-quality race kit!

I made an error with my address I entered while registering OR I have moved since registering. What should I do?

We are not responsible for inaccurate addresses entered during registration, nor is it something we can control. Once we’ve mailed out your race packet, the inventory for your entry has left our facility and is headed to the destination given. It’s very important you always review the information on your orders for accuracy. If we still have inventory, and you’d like us to ship another package out, we can for the full registration rate.

Do you ship internationally?

We offer international shipping to the following countries: United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Countries we don’t ship to: At this time, we do not ship to any other countries outside of the ones listed above and the United States. That might change at any time, so stay tuned!

All international shipping is FREE and included in your order. Please note that international shipping is typically 14-21 business days from the U.S., barring any unexpected customs delays.

Your order may be subject to import duties and taxes (including VAT), which are incurred once a shipment reaches your destination country. Medal Dash is not responsible for these charges if they are applied and are your responsibility as the customer.

My international delivery at my front door had an amount due to the postal worker, what is this?

Your order may be subject to import duties and taxes (including VAT), which are incurred once a shipment reaches your destination country/province. Medal Dash is not responsible for these charges if they are applied and are your responsibility as the customer upon delivery.  Please know your local international shipping standards upon ordering.


Can I get a refund or transfer to another event?

All event registrations are final and there are no refunds or exchanges 15-minutes after the completion of your purchased registration(s).

How do I find other Medal Dash events to participate in?

Go to the events section on this website for a listing of all current and future events! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list as well to be the first to know about newly released events and for special offers.

Does my event benefit a charity?

Most of our events benefit non-profit causes and will be indicated on that specific event’s page. Other events are just for the enjoyment of our thousands of participants. Please visit the Giving Back page on this website to read about Medal Dash’s charitable efforts which have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. 

I’m interested in having my company become a sponsor of Medal Dash, who should I contact?

Please fill out the form on our contact page with more information about your company and we’ll be in touch!

I have a charitable organization that I’d like to get involved with Medal Dash, who should I contact?

Usually we pre-select any charitable organizations before launching an event, but feel free to reach out by filling out the form on our contact page with more information about your organization. We’ll add it to our rolodex of other non-profits and reach out to you directly if the opportunity arises to work together on an event.

Can you help me promote my running event?

We have a policy of not promoting events other than our own Medal Dash events, even if they are for a good cause.

How can I set up my group/club/organization of 15+ for the event?

We frequently receive and set-up group requests! Our group program is perfect for neighborhood groups, large/small companies, run/social clubs, schools, family, and friends! You must have a minimum group of 15 or more to receive a unique group/club code for sign up with invoicing options available for the team captain, if needed. Group discounts depend on the number of people in your group. 

To set up a group today visit our groups page. If you still have questions, e-mail us at for more info!


How many miles in a 5K?

A 5K (note that "K" stands for kilometer) walk/run is the equivalent of a distance of 3.10 miles.

If you still have a question or an issue, please email us at:

How many miles in a 10K?

A 10K (note that "K" stands for kilometer) walk/run is the equivalent of a distance of 6.20 miles.

If you still have a question or an issue, please email us at:

How long does it take to walk a mile?

This obviously depends on how quickly you walk, but typically a mile can be walked anywhere from 15-20 minutes. The average speed a human walks is 3-4 miles per hour.

If you still have a question or an issue, please email us at:

What’s a runner’s diet?

This will vary widely depending on how long of a run you are doing and where you are in the training process. Perhaps the easier question is what foods to avoid when you’re getting into running. Oily, fatty, fried, spicy food along with food that is high in sugar. In addition, avoid energy drinks, alcohol. Also remember that running is not an excuse to eat more food. This could hinder your training and fitness goals.

If you still have a question or an issue, please email us at:

Can you run for weight loss?

The simple answer is yes but running consistently by itself will not result in weight loss. A healthy diet needs to be maintained. For example, you can’t run 5 miles a day and eat every dessert in sight and expect to lose weight. Running + healthy diet/lifestyle can contribute to weight loss.

If you still have a question or an issue, please email us at:

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